Building Access Control

Take control over who has admittance to your premises with access control from Orion.
Enhance your security and get greater peace of mind.

Orion Integration Group is able to integrate your access control unlike any of our competitors. Have the ability to grant access via mobile, video and more. Use bio-metrics or two-factor authentication. Orion is partnered with the leaders in access control, bringing you the latest technology and strongest security for your business. Learn more about Orion's access control partners on our Partner Page

Orion Offers Your Company

  • Secure access to authorized personnel only. Decide which employees and guests can enter certain areas of your business, and lock/unlock remotely from your mobile device.
  • Add an extra layer of security by utilizing two-factor authentication – this ensures that third parties can’t gain access by borrowing (or stealing another user’s identification.)
  • Keep track of who is in your building with electronic visitor check in.

You Decide Who Is Authorized!

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