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When it comes to business technology, the options can feel overwhelming. There are thousands of products and tools available, but which ones are right for your team? That’s where Orion’s Managed IT Services come in. Our team of technology experts can assess your goals and needs, define a strategy to achieve the desired results, and implement the best solution for your team. We will also continue to deliver our expertise throughout the life of your business. You’ll have the option to contact our team with any questions, concerns, or advice you may need to further improve your operations.

You can expect the following services from our technology experts:

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Unlimited help desk support for your users during business hours– 8x5x5
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 24x7x365 monitoring of your computers, servers, and other critical devices to proactively keep your IT infrastructure running
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Various reports on the health and status of your IT systems
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Consultation, regular business meetings, budget development
IT Services

What You Should Know About Working With Orion

Rapid Response Time is Our Mission
We treat all tickets with the upmost importance. Responding to tickets promptly is a standard that we pride ourselves in to ensure that our clients know that they are always our priority. No waiting for days for a response, our technicians will contact you and begin providing the help your team needs to keep working.

We Provide You With A Team of IT Experts
The IT world is too broad for a single person to master it all. We provide a team of subject matter experts to cover all aspects of your IT needs and prevent business interruptions whether we are your sole provider or supplement the team you have. Our technicians work with a myriad of technologies, always expanding their knowledge base to provide you with the best service.

We Don’t Lock You In
Most MSPs rely on multi-year contracts. We have a different philosophy at Orion. We know that, by providing continuous quality service, we gain our client’s trust and confidence to renew their contracts with us on a yearly basis. We only ask for a year. If you find you are not satisfied with our service, we ask for 30 days to identify and resolve the issue. In the event you are still not satisfied after 30 days, we will release you from your contract.  

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