Security rules to keep your SMB safe

How secure is your business’s network? If your organization lost access to all data for 48 hours due to a cyber attack, could you still operate? Today, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly targeted by hackers. If your security isn’t up to par, you could suffer a drop in profits and a damaged reputation, and could even potentially go out of business.

Save energy in your data center

Is your data center sucking up energy? Are the costs of maintaining your server rooms out of control? For many business owners, the server room and data center are foreign lands they’d like to pretend don’t exist. But whether you acknowledge it or not, they could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars every month.

6 Don’ts for Drafting a Physical Security Plan

Physical security should be a top priority for any organization, school and university, hospital or other facility. Property crime statistics alone should be reason enough to invest in physical security measures: The FBI reported nearly 9 million property crime offenses in the United States during 2012, the most recent year with complete statistics available.