6 Don’ts for Drafting a Physical Security Plan

6 Don’ts for Drafting a Physical Security Plan

Physical security should be a top priority for any organization, school and university, hospital or other facility. Property crime statistics alone should be reason enough to invest in physical security measures: The FBI reported nearly 9 million property crime offenses in the United States during 2012, the most recent year with complete statistics available.

Gartner Says Effective Management Can Cut Total Cost of Ownership for Desktop PCs by 42 Per cent

Source: Gartner, Inc.

For a large company, the cost of purchasing a desktop PC may be only $1,200, but, kept for four years, the total cost of ownership (TCO) could be as much as $5,867 per year, according to Gartner, Inc. However, if the company’s PCs are locked down and well managed, the cost per PC per year can be 42 per cent lower at $3,413.

Similarly, a notebook computer may cost $1,500 to buy but have a TCO of just over $9,900 per year over three years.