Help desk: Orion’s help desk includes a 24x7x365 help desk for your companies IT needs. You will have a live, local technician answer your call from our Boise office. We strive to never put our customers on hold until their questions have been addressed. For any IT support needs or IT consulting Orion is just a phone call away. For our managed Service clients you have access to unlimited support calls for one monthly fee. Other calls are based on severity of situation and are billed for time. Orion IT support desk is always here to help you make your business run smoothly.

Network security: Orion’s network security includes a wide variety of company beneficial services. Work station and server anti-virus includes gateway and desktop anti-virus automatic updates, spyware, malware, botnets, phishing and more. Orion will take care of software update management, deciding what will harm your network and what will improve efficiency. With firewall and spam filtering you always have trusted programs fighting to keep your network protected.

Disaster planning: With Orion proactively planning and managing for disaster recovery you can have backup performed automatically, data secured in up to three places with verification and reporting. Determine how long your company can be down and set up a plan for how to bounce back quickly from any disaster that may come. Don't put off thinking about how to fix a problem until after it happens.

IT Projects: Orion can offer support for small to large IT projects. Let Orion handle the planning and implementation. With technology solution engineering and semi annual technology business reviews. Orion can provide project management and onsite implementation. This is IT Consulting at the best.