Moving from the iPhone to Windows phone?

WindowsPhone_July03_ASmartphones are an important business tool there are always new advancements in technology being introduced with them. Because there are different phone operating systems, there may be features or phones introduced that entice users to switch from one to another.

Do you know how to protect Word docs?

Office_June18_AThe word processor is one of the most popular pieces of software, found on nearly every user’s computer. The most popular word processor is Microsoft’s Word, which offers numerous features that help users create a nearly limitless amount of different documents.

4 tips to stave off sluggish computers

Hardware_May15_AComputers are complex machines. If you’ve ever looked inside one you know it’s a confusing mess of wires and components. Like all machines, over time they will start to slow down and run slower than before. When this happens it can be troublesome for your productivity, and you may not be able to afford to purchase a new machine.

All about email attachments on the iPhone

Email is among the most important tools at a manager’s disposal; it’s often the main form of communication with suppliers, employees, customers, etc. With the smartphone, you can now take your email with you and be in near constant contact. If you have an iPhone and use the Mail app, you may have noticed that email attachments are a bit different from other apps.

Surface Pro's important specs

Windows_Feb12_AThe Microsoft Surface RT released back at the end of October last year, garnered some fairly negative reviews, creating a slight worry that the more powerful version, Windows Surface Pro, would also be a machine to pass over. Now the Windows Surface Pro has been released many business owners are wondering if it will meet their needs.

Deleted the recycle bin? Get it back

Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS among business users. This has been an undisputed fact for more than a decade. While the Windows platform is solid, it’s not perfect. This is the nature of the beast and to IT professionals, these imperfections are called bugs or glitches.