App for iPad allows you to manage clouds

The cloud has been an instrumental driver of the success of modern tablets. When it comes to tablets using the iOS (iPad and iPad mini), the cloud is often used to integrate files across devices, as often more than one service is utilized. This means that if you use the cloud, you likely have more than one app and likely struggle to manage or share files across different services.

Do you know what Nexus tablets are?

The tablet is arguably the most popular technical device of the past two years. There are currently two major tablet systems: iOS on the iPad, and Android. Android tablets are made by numerous manufacturers and are nearly a dime a dozen. One Android product line you hear about more than any other is Nexus.

Overview of mobile advertising networks

The year is over and looking back, 2012 was a good year for tablets, and mobile in general. Looking forward, 2013 is shaping up to see continued growth in tablet adoption. With this growth, it may be time to start looking into mobile advertising. While relatively new, mobile advertising is set to become one of the next major advertising mediums.

Buying tech made less overwhelming

Historically, Q1 has been one of the best months in which to replace old tech. For many companies, the issue with this is that there is so much technology available, that issuing a desktop computer isn’t going to cut it anymore. So what can a company that wants to update do?

When shopping for new technology it’s beneficial to know what types of devices are out there and what circumstances they are ideal for.

App makes Android file share easier

As we continue to see an increase in the number of tablets available, business owners and employees will naturally begin to buy them in hopes of using them for or at work. One thing users will usually do is transfer files from their computer to their device.

Business and Android tablets, good/bad?

One device we’re starting to see used in business with increasing frequency is the tablet. With the resulting success of Apple’s iPad, Android device manufacturers have been pumping out tablets that compete, or at the very least meet the needs and expectations of most users.

5 great mind map apps for Android

There are many tasks that mobile devices can help you with, some are better suited to smartphones while others are better suited to tablets. One of the more useful things a tablet can do is help you with mind mapping, which is a valuable tool that helps you visualize information and relations around one central topic.

MSPs Drive Business Success

Running a business isn’t easy. Many companies struggle to make ends meet while maintaining cost efficiency and the quality of their products and/or services. In order to keep up with growing client demands and needs, businesses must keep a close eye on their IT operations.

How to Work Effectively with an MSP

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can be a real lifesaver, especially for small businesses that have IT needs just like everyone else but are hard pressed to find the manpower and resources to support a dedicated tech department. As with all business relationships, it’s important to establish good rapport with your MSP to ensure that everything flows and goes as planned.

Heard about BYOD to Work?

Is your staff bringing their own devices and gadgets to the workplace? There are pros and cons that you need to know before you decide to adopt this practice for your business.

You may have noticed more and more of your employees or colleagues bringing their own computing devices to work—be it their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.